Intern Packing List (Girls)

Term Bring Don’t bring
Spring/Summer(End of February-August 1st):
  • Teaching clothes for cool and hot weather (see dress code below)
  • Swimwear
Lots of nice clothes/shoes
Fall/Winter (September-Mid January)
  • Teaching clothes for both hot and cold weather (see dress code below)
  • Gloves, scarfs, a warm hat, warm socks, long underwear for the winter months.   
  • One really warm coat.
Lots of nice clothes/shoes
  • Cash: we will give you your salary soon after arrival, but if you want some extra spending money, it will come in handy (it will be easy to change at the school).
  • Adapters. The outlets have a different electricity voltage, so if you plan to bring any of your own electronics you will want to bring a special voltage adapter that will keep the outlet from harming your device.(note: iPhone/Mac chargers don’t need adapters)
  • An old phone. We will provide a Chinese SIM card. Some interns have found it helpful to have two phones, one with the Chinese SIM card and one for their home country.
  • Medicine. Advil and ibuprofen are hard to find.
  • Mosquito repellent (if there’s a kind you prefer)
  • Shampoo (if there’s a kind you prefer)
  • Deodorant (if there’s a kind you prefer)
  • Flip-flops/slippers for indoor wear: unless you wear a size 7 1/2 or smaller, it’s unlikely you will find anything your size here
  • Kleenex (public toilets do not provide toilet paper)
  • Extra passport photos for official documents: just if you have some laying around; if you don’t, they are easy to take here
  • (For Girls) Tampons are not popular in China, so if you would like to use them, you should probably bring a supply as it is extremely difficult to find a store that provides them here.
  • Credit/debit cards: though it’s wise to keep one on you for emergencies or airport use, you won’t be able to use them for daily life here.
  • Hair dryers/curling irons, etc: the voltage is different here, so you’re likely to start a fire if you use American appliances here. Better to use the ones we have here.
  • International phone plan: we will have a local SIM card for you here, so no need to invest in an international phone plan
  • Books. We have access to a fabulous library. Books are heavy and cumbersome to haul around airports.
  • Driver’s license (You will be using your passport for everything, so it will be unnecessary)
  • Super nice shoes. The streets are very dirty and when it rains everything gets kinda gross
Stuff you should know
  • It’s possible to find a huge variety of food/clothes/living essentials/toiletries within walking distance of the Fountains
  • We live in a tropical humid environment. During springtime it rains a lot.
  • Many interns have enjoyed keeping a journal during their time here. Bring a nice one from home, or Kendra can take you shopping for one when you arrive.

An important note about Internet in China!

Gmail, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and some other social websites are blocked in China. You will not be able to access these while you are here unless you download a VPN program on your phone/computer. You should download a VPN before you arrive because it is difficult to download one once you are here. Astrill, and VPN Express are some reliable VPN services that many people use.

Classroom Dress code:

(The following extracted from our teachers’ guidebook):

Goal: Teachers should wear smart casual, and present a simple appearance that doesn’t draw attention to the teacher or clothing. 

For example, all program teachers should follow these general principles during all working hours:

  • Wear nametag in a visible place.
  • Shoes: Outside: No slippers, flip-flops, or shoes without a heel strap (tennis shoes are acceptable). You may also want to bring a pair of boots/rain-boots for the rainy season (March-June).
  • Shoes: Inside: In China everyone takes off their shoes indoors. You may want to bring slippers/sandals/flip-flops for cold tile floors. (All the floors are tile)
  • No sleeveless shirts. 
  • No writing visible on clothing with possible exception of a tiny brand name.
  • No images or pictures on clothing. 
  • Modest and appropriate dress (use your judgment).

Other tips: 

During the day, you will play outside with the children, do sports, art activities, etc. Plan your clothing accordingly (Jeans and a t-shirt are good)!

Comfortable footwear will be a huge advantage, and is hard to find here unless you have very small feet!

Clothes for free time:

  • Public places don’t typically use heat/AC nearly as much as in America, so be prepared to be cold/hot all day when you go out.
  • There are lots of opportunities for sports/outdoor activities, so feel free to bring sportswear.
  • Bring one nice outfit in case you have the chance to participate in a formal event.

APPs for your Phone

For Work/Communication

DingTalk : You will need this app for your job. Once you arrive we can help you connect with the Fountains workgroup 

WeChat: This app will allow you to keep in touch with friends and neighbors. It’s basically Chinese Facebook. 

Learning Chinese

Should you be interested in learning Chinese, or if you just want a good Chinese/English Dictionary on hand, these apps are highly recommended. Also, if you are interested in Chinese lessons, many of the teachers here will be happy to do language exchange with you.

Pleco: This is the best Chinese/English dictionary currently available.  

Chinese Skill: This is a fabulous (and free) app that has lessons and exercises for any skill level. A