Castle Policies

Welcome to the Castle! 

1: Use of the Castle

The Castle belongs to the Discovery Center school, and it’s primary use is to provide housing for foreign teachers of that school.

2: Room availability

Rooms can be provided one semester at a time. At the end of a semester room availability may change due to incoming foreign teachers.

3: Rent (Discovery Center Teachers: The school pays for your rent)

Room rentals are paid for monthly (Can be paid by cash or Wechat. Go to Miss Zhong in the office to pay)

Failure to pay within 30 days will lead to a termination of the rental agreement and the renter must leave the Fountains

There are no discounts for renting a room.

Your room comes with a key and a gate card which will allow you access to the Fountains Gate and the Castle door. (Extra keys/cards available upon request. Fees may apply)

4: Utilities

Water, electricity and wifi are all included in your rent. Please save energy by turning off lights when you leave a room (with the exception of the front door light). Please do not leave your air conditioning unit running unless you are in the room. It only takes about 5 minutes to cool down your room.

5: Shared spaces

The Castle kitchen, laundry room, dining room, and lounge are all shared spaces. Residents are responsible for cleaning and maintaining these areas.

Because sound echos a lot in the Castle building, there are set “Quiet Hours” which are from 9pm-8pm. Please be considerate of noise during these times.

6: Composting and Recycling

We compost and recycle as much as possible at the Castle!

Please review the composting/recycling guidelines posted in the kitchen and separate waste items accordingly. Trash and recycling bins located just outside the Castle. Compost bins located in the garden.

7: Cleaning

Once a week, maintenance will come to take out the trash in the kitchen and lounge and mop floors. Your room and bathroom are your responsibility to clean. As mentioned above, if you use a shared area, please be sure to clean it yourself. 

8: Registering

All foreigners staying at the Castle must provide a valid passport, Chinese visa, and extra passport photo. All foreign passports must be registered within 48 hours of living at the Castle (give passports to Kendra for registering). New registration is required according to visa requirements.

9: Guests

Castle Residents are allowed to have guests of the same gender stay with them in their rooms. (All foreign passport carriers must be registered within 48 hours)

Non-Family Guests staying in the Castle 

Short Term Guests: 1-2 night guests (Max 2 guests / visit, max 4x /month)

Long Term Guests: 3-7 night guests (Max 1 guest / visit, max 1x /month)


Family Guests staying in the Castle -No limit

10: Living at the Fountains

The Pool:

All Employees may enjoy the Employee Swim Time for free. 

Every Tuesday


Sign in at the swimming pool reception desk and they’ll let you in. Your name needs to be on the official employee roster (sorry children and guests not included). 

Pool employee roster is updated every 3 months. Contact A Ru in the office or Kendra to make sure your name is included.

The Fountains also has 6 VIP all-access passes that may trade owners every 6 months. Please ask Albert if you’re interested in one of those. 

10: Bikes

Residents are allowed to keep one bike in the bike rack.

All bikes must have an owner’s name tag on the bike (Register your bike with Jon Ransom)

As residents at the Fountains, you are always welcome to use any space that’s not being used for other activities at no extra charge. We just ask that you keep a few things in mind and follow a few steps: 

1) if it’s just residents, security knows you and won’t be surprised if they run into you. But if you have guests here, please make sure security knows about them either by a) getting them a lanyard, or b) staying with them the whole time. 

2) Please be aware of other activities that are happening at the Fountains. If you don’t really mind exactly when / where you hang out (for example, hanging out in the coffee shop, or taking a walk around the garden) then there is no need to “book” the space. However, if you happen to run into a group/activity that has already booked the space, please be respectful and find another place to be.

3) If you want to use a specific place (for example 3rd floor of Discovery Center for hide-and-go-seek, or the Movie Room), then please “book” it by sending Dongdong a message on Dingding or an email: 

Dongdong will then reply “Ok” or “Oh no! There’s an event there at that time!” If she says it’s ok, she’ll also inform Security, cleaning staff and everyone who needs to know. 

4) But, if you can’t get the booking to Dongdong early enough for her to get the information to security (for example if you suddenly decide “Let’s go watch a movie right now!”), no problem. Still “book” it with Dongdong, but also just send a text to Security so they won’t be surprised to find people where they didn’t expect them. Security’s cell phone #: 18565328853

5) Sorry for the hassle! There are an average of over 200 people who use the Fountains every day, so these are just some of the things we have to do to make sure everyone has a great experience (including those of us who live here)

11: Castle Manager

Kendra Ness is the Castle Manager. Please contact her with your questions and concerns