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Here we’re attempting to answer the questions we hear most often. If you’re not completely satisfied with the answers, or if you have a question that’s not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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班级疑问 Class Questions

What are the pros and cons of mixed ages in the same class?

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We really like mixed-age classes, but they have to be done right. A mixed-age class has the following advantages:

  1. 比较大的孩子可以:帮助小的,做好榜样(行为上、技巧上、态度上、等等),培养责任感,等。
    The older kids can: help the smaller ones, be good role models (in terms of behavior, skills, attitude, etc.), learn responsibility, and more.
  2. 比较小的孩子可以:得到帮助,收到新的训练(有时候从另一个孩子来的解释会比老师的更有效果的),收到启发和灵感(看看大孩子会做什么,很自然的会让小的想做),等。
    The younger kids can: receive help, be taught new things (having a child explain something to another child is often more effective than a teacher teaching), be inspired (because they see the older kids can do something and will naturally want to do it to), etc.

At the same time, we admit there is at least one disadvantage:

  1. 老师更辛苦。需要观察哪些孩子会做什么,分不同的任务给不同能力水平的孩子,内容的安排要考虑的范围更大,等。
    The teachers have to do more work. They need to observe which kids can do what and assign different tasks to different children according to their abilities. This means they may have to prepare even more content than they would in a single-age class.

In conclusion, we’ve found the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, so we’ve decided to maintain our mixed age environment. The main disadvantage is the teacher’s. But in order to provide the best learning opportunities to our students, we don’t mind working a little bit harder.

We should also mention that there are times when we do divide students by ages within a class to teach specific things. This is done at the teachers’ discretion for specific reasons and not as a part of the regular schedule.



If you don’t divide classes by age, how do you decide which class my child goes into?

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When deciding which class to put a child into, our Director of Academics considers many factors, including:

  1. 孩子要跟熟悉的老师在一起。
    Keeping kids with teachers they are familiar with.
  2. 孩子要跟他们的好朋友在一起。
    Keeping kids who are good friends together.
  3. 孩子要跟他们感觉舒服的小朋友在一起。
    Keeping kids who are comfortable together.
  4. 孩子要跟他们有友好行为的小朋友在一起。
    Keeping kids who behave well together.
  5. 每个班的孩子年龄段要尽量大的宽度地安排。
    Keeping a wide range of ages in one class.
  6. 每班要有在不同范围展现不同能力并能互相营造良好正面学习态度的孩子在一起。
    Keeping a wide range of students who have various abilities or different positive influences on each other.

In summary, our Director of Academics always tries to put kids into classes where they will thrive.

“毕业“疑问 Graduation Questions

When can my child graduate from Discovery Kids into Discovery Scouts?

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The entrance requirements to get into Discovery Scouts are:

  1. 满三岁(36个月)。
    At least 3 years old (36 months).
  2. 自己穿鞋子。
    Can put on your own shoes.
  3. 自己上厕所(需要帮助的时候会叫)。
    Can use the bathroom by yourself (or at least ask for help if you need it).
  4. 自己吃饭。
    Can feed yourself.
  5. 自己上下楼梯。
    Can go up and down stairs by yourself.
  6. 基本的日常生活沟通。
    Can engage in basic communication for daily life.

If your child meets all of those requirements, then you may apply to the Discovery Scouts Program Supervisor for admission.


When can my child graduate from Discovery Scouts into Discovery+ ?

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First of all, Discovery+ is not a required study program. You can think of it as: this student is already ready  to graduate and go to elementary school, but because the parents are willing to let their child study more content (that is not included in elementary school) they apply to “graduate early” and spend time studying in Discovery+ (up to 3 semesters maximum).

Discovery+ entrance requirements are:

  1. 达到六个核心价值要求 达到六个核心价值要求
    Meets our 6 Core Values Requirements
  2. 技能(用剪刀剪出花的形状)
    Skills: Can cut out a flower with scissors
  3. 体能(能连续运动20分钟)
    Fitness: Can do sports for continuous 20 minutes
  4. 自理能力(穿脱衣服、自己洗澡等)
    Self-care: Can put on / take off clothes, bathe, etc.
  5. 数学(独立思考,不需要老师寸步不离地教导
    Math: think independently, does not need teachers hovering and guiding
  6. 英文(上岗证4级)2周内取得
    English: Level 4 Work Certification within 2 weeks.
  7. 中文阅读能力(能认、写自己名字)
    Hanzi: Can recognize and write your own name
  8. 普通话(听、说、沟通)
    Mandarin: can understand, speak, and communicate

If your child meets all of those requirements, then you may apply to the Discovery+ Program Supervisor for admission.

I’m really worried about my child’s transition to elementary school. What do you think about this issue?

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The most important things we’ve learned about this are:

  1. 每一所小学的入学要求是不同的。没有统一的标准。在某些小学,你有当地的户口就可以报名了。在某些有抽签。某些有面试和入学考试。你需要联系你意向小学咨询那边具体的入学要求。
    Every elementary has different entry requirements.
    There is no standard. For some schools, you just need to have a local ID card (hu kou 户口) and you can be accepted. Others have a lottery. Others have an interview and entrance exam. You’ll need to contact the exact primary school you’re thinking of attending to find out about their entrance requirements.
  2. 学籍号是从小学一年级开始的。所以不用着急幼儿园年龄的孩子还没有。以后小学就会提供的。
    National school ID numbers (xue ji hao 学籍号) start in 1st grade. So don’t worry that your kindergarten age child doesn’t have one. He or she will get it later from your elementary school.
  3. 对于在我们探索中心读了三年的孩子来说,小学入学考试和面试一般都不难。比如:我们了解过离我们最近的广州市广外附设外语学校的入学考试。所有的内容是我们源泉学苑覆盖的,而且没有英语或音乐(我们两个强项)。所以我们一点都不担心这类型的一年级入学考试。
    For students who have studied at the Discovery Center for 3 years, elementary school entrance tests or interview are generally not hard. For example, we’ve inquired about the closest school Guangwai Wai Xiao and what sorts of things they test for on the entrance exam. All of the content is covered in the Discovery Center, and the test doesn’t include any English or music (two of our main subjects). So we’re really not worried about 1st grade entrance exams.

But! We cannot totally neglect subjects that consider to be necessary for “well rounded” development. Our teaching materials (as wells as our Teaching Department structure) are explained on this page.

At the same time, we want to encourage parents not to put too much pressure on their children (the children will feel it sooner or later). Regardless of how well he/she has prepared, there are some factors beyond our control. Because Elementary School Entrance Exams are fairly subjective (and may even include a random drawing), we think it’s important to recognize this truth: subjective competitions and objective competitions are different. In what ways? The following factors:

借此想让家长知道,孩子的准备,还是1/3的因素。其他的因素(刚好那天有哪些评委,有哪些其他的小朋友去) 是无法控制的,所以我们要鼓励孩子尽力,但是这个也不是一个成功地保证。
So we just want parents to recognize, regardless of how well prepared your child is, that’s still only 1/3 of the factors deciding the outcome. The others (which judge you happen to get, and which other kids go that day) are beyond your control. So we want to encourage children to do their best, but even this isn’t a guarantee of success.

日常生活疑问 Daily Life Questions

My child eats too slowly! How do you handle that?

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This is a problem many parents face at home. It’s normal! Here’s how we deal with this in our lunch room:

  1. 我们提供一个小时让孩子吃午餐。对吃得最慢的孩子们这个时间长度是足够的。
    We allow one full hour for the children to eat lunch, and this is plenty of time even for the slowest children.
  2. 如果孩子不吃,或许是因为ta真的不饿。这不是个问题,但如果孩子没有吃完,ta仍必须坐在餐桌那里等到午餐的时间结束了。孩子一吃完就可以玩。
    If children don’t eat, it may be because they aren’t hungry. That’s no problem but children who haven’t finished their food must sit at the table until the end of lunchtime, even if they are not eating. Once children have finished their food, they may play.
  3. 如果孩子是因为注意力被分散就不吃,我们可能会把ta安排到另一张餐桌(比如:没有ta最好的朋友坐在一起的一张)让ta更专心吃饭。
    If children are not eating because they are easily distracted, we may move a child to a different table (for example, one without their best friends) to help them focus on eating.
  4. 大部分我们的学生很快就学会怎么吃午餐,也吃得很好。但是偶尔有孩子不吃太多。这种情况我们并不担心因为下午点心快来了,ta可以再吃东西。
    Most of our students very quickly learn to eat very well at lunchtime. However, occasionally a child will not eat very much. But we’re not worried about that because they will have a chance to eat more at the afternoon snack.

How can you guarantee that my child has eaten enough at lunch time?

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First of all, our cafeteria staff give each child a customized portion depending on their age and specific situation. When finished with their first portion, every child has the chance to get seconds of rice, other dishes, or soup. Also, in order to motivate the children to eat, teachers allow them to go outside to play only after they’ve finished their rice, other dishes, and soup. But of course, in order to ensure they’ve had enough time to eat, if 30 minutes has not elapsed, no child is allowed out to play. Finally, our teachers are constantly observing the children and their eating, and will make judgments about whether children should get more food or are allowed outside to play. We feel it’s more important for kids to eat frequently than for them to eat a lot in one sitting. That’s why our students eat something about every two hours. So if they’re really not hungry at lunchtime, don’t worry! They’ll have a snack soon.

沟通工具疑问 Communication Method Questions

Why does the school insist on using “Shi Sheng Xin” and won’t let parents contact teachers by WeChat?

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From our management perspective, the main reasons are:

  1. 我们可以监督和查看所有老师和家长的沟通。万一管理层需要协助沟通的话,我们有这个工具。
    We can monitor and check all communication between parents and teachers. If there is a situation in which management needs to assist with communication, we have this tool available to us.
  2. 高效率的把家长和学苑的相关人员联系(不需要一个一个加好友)。
    Efficiently connect parents and appropriate staff members (no need to add people one by one to your contacts list).
  3. 我们尊重老师私人的时间和隐私。
    We respect our teachers personal time and privacy.

But we’ve also had parents tell us they are grateful for this arrangement because:

  1. 家长感觉安全感,不会存在特殊对待任何孩子。
    Parents feel safer that children won’t receive special treatment.
  2. 师生信也带来其他的功能(比如查看课后班的课表,出勤率,上课提醒等)
    Shi Sheng Xin brings with it other features (such as ability to check After School Program class schedule, attendance, reminder when to have class, etc.)

Can parents start a WeChat group to increase social interraction among families in a certain class?

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Of course! In the first Open Class of every semester, the Head Teacher will give parents a chance to introduce themselves and add each other’s WeChat. If you missed that, our Receptionist can assist you in contacting other parents in your class to see if there is already such a group.

Sometimes I think it’s better to talk face to face. Can I make an appointment to talk to teachers or management?

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Welcome! The ways to make an appointment are:

  1. 碰到人就约咯!(比如接送孩子的时候)
    When you see someone just make an appointment! (For example at drop off or pickup)
  2. 师生信
    Shi Sheng Xin
  3. 打电话给前台:020-86053909
    Call Reception: 020-86053909

But there are also times you don’t need an appointment:

  1. 每一天接孩子的时候(班主任都在等您)
    Every day at pickup (your Head Teacher is waiting to talk to you)
  2. 每周的公开课
    Every week’s open class

其他疑问 Other Questions

Other kindergartens have Halloween parties, why don’t you?

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In our first year the Directors Team specifically discussed Halloween. We decided to celebrate Thanksgiving and not celebrate Halloween for the following reasons:

  1. 两个节日很近,最好二选一。
    The two holidays are close together, so it’s best to just chose one.
  2. 感恩节更有意义,而且有培养大方的教学目标。
    Thanksgiving is more meaningful, and better for training our goal of Generosity.
  3. 很多中国人没有了解万圣节的负面背景,还有很多西方人不庆祝的原因是有一些的因素(有一点庆祝邪恶的感觉)。我们要尊重不喜欢万圣节的西方人。
    Many Chinese people don’t know the negative background of Halloween or the reasons some Westerners don’t celebrate it (it has a certain sense of celebrating evil to it). We want to respect those Westerners who don’t like Halloween.